Why Trip Nirvigna

Got space to share? already running a vacation rental ? or are you a travel agent ? Earn money as an Trip Nirvigna Host. Here’s how to get started.

Some Trip Nirvigna hosts utilise their profits to fund their retirement. Others utilise it to sponsor causes that they are passionate about. Whatever your financial objectives are, Trip Nirvigna hosting might be a terrific way to supplement your income. From establishing your listing to being paid, learn how to get started.

You can be a Host

So what does it take to be a Trip Nirvigna Host? First, you need to have a space available to share with travelers. Whether that’s an entire home, a spare room, or a comfy sofa bed, there’s likely to be a guest who will be happy in your space – the key is to create a Trip Nirvigna listing that honestly and accurately shows travelers what to expect. And you need to be willing to provide your guests with warm hospitality, which in general means:

  1. Communicate promptly and clearly
  2. Provide a clean space with the basic amenities needed for a comfortable stay
  3. Add any extra touches you think will make your space special

What you charge is up to you

By hosting on Trip Nirvigna you can advertise your home to travelers and you decide on your own nightly rate. You can set custom prices for seasons, weekends, and any other nights where you want to control what you charge. You can also add fees upfront for things like extra guests or house cleaning*.

Start getting bookings

Once you list your space on Trip Nirvigna, you’ll start getting enquiries and bookings from guests. Trip Nirvigna charges each guest before arrival to ensure you’ll always get paid on time when you host. You never have to handle money directly.

How you will get paid

Trio Nirvigna collects payment on your behalf, using methods like direct bank deposit or UPIs. Trip Nirvigna typically releases your payment once a week or monthly billing based on host convenience. It may take a couple of days for the funds to hit your account. Your payout will be your nightly rate minus a small service fee. Trip Nirvigna doesn’t charge any fees for processing credit cards, making it just as easy for guests to book as it is for Hosts to get paid.

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