Bengaluru: The City of Diversity

Bengaluru, also known as the city of gardens, has experienced fast development and is a renowned tourist destination in Karnataka due to its pleasant climate, beautiful lakes, and breathtaking parks. With numerous captivating attractions, this vibrant city offers a fantastic vacation experience in Bangalore.

Bengaluru offers a plethora of activities to suit everyone’s interests, whether you seek a day filled with sightseeing, exciting adventures, shopping, or partying. Make sure to try the night trek at Kunti Betta for an unforgettable experience during your visit to this lively city. Additionally, there are historical sites where you can explore Indian culture and learn about its rich history. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in parasailing, trekking, camping, wildlife tours, and watersports.

Tourist attractions of Bengaluru:

  • Butterfly Park of Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • Lalbagh Glass Place
  • Bangalore Palace
  • Wonderla
  • Cubbon Park
  • MG Road
  • Innovative Film City

1. Butterfly Park of Bannerghatta Biological Park

Bannerghatta biological park, home to India’s first Butterfly Park, is a fascinating destination to explore in Bangalore. The park spans over 7.5 acres and features a butterfly conservatory, a museum, and an audiovisual room. The conservatory, which has a polycarbonate roof and covers an area of 10,000 sq ft, provides a habitat for more than twenty species of butterflies. The project was jointly initiated by the Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) and the Department of Biotechnology (DoBT), Government of India, as part of a special master plan in 2003. After construction work began in 2003, the park was opened to the public in 2007. It is a pioneering project in India, serving as a model for other zoos and parks interested in establishing Butterfly Parks, and many of them are using it as a knowledge hub and replicating its design.

The Butterfly Park in Bangalore offers a delightful tropical ambiance with a variety of plants and shrubs specifically chosen to attract Monarch Butterflies and other species. Visitors of all ages will appreciate the enchanting setting, complete with an artificial waterfall, making it one of the most enjoyable destinations in Bangalore. The museum and audiovisual show dedicated to butterflies provide a fascinating journey through time, exploring the origins of butterflies and their interdependent relationship with humanity. A visit to the Butterfly Park is highly recommended and should not be missed when exploring Bangalore’s attractions.

What to see in Butterfly Park

The mesmerizing creatures that inhabit the Butterfly Park in Bangalore make it a truly enchanting destination. Begin your visit at the Butterfly Conservatory, a circular enclosure spanning 10,000 sq ft and covered by a polycarbonate roof, where you can observe more than 20 species of butterflies. Did you know that there are 1,500,000 insect species in the world, and Lepidoptera (the order of insects that includes butterflies and moths) comprises 200,000 of them? Out of these, 15,000 species are butterflies, and the remaining are moths.

2. Lalbagh Glass Place

Lalbagh is a prominent attraction in Bengaluru that sprawls over 240 acres of land in the heart of the city. It boasts India’s most extensive collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants, including trees that have stood for centuries. The park features a variety of unique exhibits such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a topiary park, and a stunning glasshouse modeled after London’s Crystal Palace, all of which add to its surreal atmosphere. Additionally, the park is home to an expansive lake and a watchtower perched atop a rocky outcrop that is over 3 billion years old, declared as a National Geological Monument, and was built by Kempegowda, the founder of Bengaluru.

Why visit Lalbagh:

Lalbagh Glass House: Lalbagh Glass House is a giant palace like glass and iron structure, inspired by Crystal Palace in London’s Hyde Park. Lalbagh glass house was built in 1989 and renovated in 2004 and remains the primary attraction for visitors of Lalbagh.

Lalbagh Lake: Lalbagh has a large lake in its southern part, complete with walking trails, a bridge and a mini waterfall.

Seasonal attractions at Lalbagh: Lalbagh hosts several events all through the year- Lalbagh flower show during Republic Day (26 January) and Independence Day (15 August), Mango/Jackfruit festivals during summer, cultural shows at Band stand are some of the popular events held in Lalbagh.

Other attractions at Lalbagh:

Bonsai Garden, large rock and Kempegowda watchtower, flower clock, Hibiscus garden are some of the other interesting spots to explore inside Lalbagh botanical gardens.

Lalbagh Visiting Hours:

Lalbagh botanical gardens is open daily from 6 AM to 7 PM. Entry is free during early morning and late evening (6 to 9 AM and 6 to 7 PM). A nominal fee applies during the day time.

Facilities available at Lalbagh:

Lalbagh has several shops run by the horticulture department of Karnataka Government as well as few private vendors. These shops sell fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and various snacks items. 

Public toilets are available near the Glass House. Lalbagh has 4 different entrances one in each direction making it easy for visitors to enter and exit as per their convenience. West gate is very close to Lalbagh Metro train station while parking is available at the double road entrance.

How to reach Lalbagh:

Lalbagh is located 7 kms south of the city centre (Majestic area) and 38 kms from the Bengaluru airport. Lalbagh can be accessed using the Bengaluru metro rail network from different parts of Bengaluru city. Buses, auto or taxis are readily available to reach Lalbagh.

Places to stay near Lalbagh:

Budget and luxury hotels are available near Lalbagh, Jayanagara, Basavanagudi and KR Market area which are within walking distance from Lalbagh.

3. Bangalore Palace

This majestic architectural marvel, designed after the Windsor Castle in England, is embellished with fortified towers, battlements, turreted parapets, and arches. It features an expansive courtyard that serves as a venue for cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions. The palace’s interior is adorned with beautiful carvings, paintings, and photographs of distinguished individuals such as viceroys and maharajas, making it a must-see attraction. Fun World, an amusement park, is located within the palace complex.

Key features of Bengaluru Palace
  • Massive 454 acre campus
  • Bengaluru Palace building spreads over one acre (45000 sq ft)
  • 34 bedrooms and a swimming pool
  • Fortified watch towers, turrets
  • Elegant interiors with wooden carvings, paintings and motifs
  • Well maintained exterior with green plants covering portion of the palace walls
  • Wooden fan and imported artifacts 

Bangalore Palace visiting time: Bengaluru Palace is open to visitors from 10 AM till 5.30 PM. Entry may be restricted on the days Bengaluru Palace is booked for private events.

Places to visit near Bangalore Palace: Cubbon Park (4.5 kms) and Sankey Tank (3.8 kms) are close to Bengaluru Palace.

How to reach Bangalore Palace:

Bengaluru Palace is 5.3 kms north of Bengaluru city centre (Majestic) and 33 kms from Bengaluru international airport. Bengaluru Cantonment is the nearest railway station (3 kms). Mantri Mall Malleshwaram is the closest metro (4 kms). Bengaluru Palace can be reached using public transport or taxi from all parts of Bengaluru.

Places to stay near Bangalore Palace: Windsor Manor Sheraton & Towers (2.2 kms from Bengaluru Palace), The Lalit Ashok Bengaluru (2.5 kms) are two luxury hotels in close proximity from Bengaluru Palace. More stay options are available in various parts of Bengaluru city.

4. Wonderla

Wonderla is regarded as the top amusement park in the city and among the best in the country, drawing thrill-seekers and enthusiasts alike. It is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore along the Mysore road and boasts over 60 rides, including both high-adrenaline dry rides and more relaxed, enjoyable ones, catering to all visitors. The park’s high-thrill rides are a major attraction, and it is well-known for its recently built reverse looping roller coaster, which runs in both directions. The water park is also outstanding, with a selection of slides that range from exciting to laid-back.

Wonderla Fast Track Tickets
Fastrack AdultINR 1385INR 1775INR 2160INR 251018% GST
Fastrack ChildINR 1110INR 1420INR 1730INR 201018% GST

Wonderla Bangalore has a category of tickets called “Fastrack” – which are around 50% costlier than the regular tickets. These give you dedicated, faster access to all the rides in the park. At least 25% of the seats (or equivalent) on all rides are reserved for Fastrack ticket holders, which means that you will spend much lesser time waiting in queues and more time doing the rides.

The management says that they sell a limited number of Fastrack tickets on a daily basis to keep the Fastrack experience optimized, so it might be a good idea to book them online in advance – especially during the peak season weekends. While the special category tickets might be significantly expensive, they can improve your park experience by a big margin, allowing you to do almost all the rides in a single day – and doing some of them multiple times – even during rush season.

Tickets for Wonderla Amusement Park 


Regular (Weekdays)Regular 
AdultINR 923INR 1182INR 1080INR 125418%
Children (85 – 140 cm)INR 740INR 945INR 865INR 100518%
Senior Citizen (60- 69 years)INR 690INR 885INR 810INR 94018%
Sp. Senior Citizen (70 yrs and above)INR 460INR 590INR 540INR 62518%
DefenceINR 740INR 945INR 865INR 100518%
Food in Wonderla 

Wonderla has a number of shops and cafeterias scattered around the park.

  1. Park View Restaurant
  2. Greens Restaurant
  3. Five Star Chicken
  4. Chillies Restaurant
  5. Courtyard Restaurant
  6. Waves Restaurant
  7. Buffet Lunch and Dinner

Apart from these, there are a number of small shops and carts selling everything, from ice cream to coconut water, kathi rolls, burgers and pizzas. In short, there is no dearth of food options at Wonderla Bangalore, although we recommend you go easy on the food spree before you do any of the high-thrill rides. Many tourists have had their stomachs emptied right after a ride on “Insanity” or “Maverick” – a sure shot mood spoiler.

How to Reach Wonderla Amusement Park 

Since Wonderla is located so far away from the main city, reaching here could be quite a task. However, with a little bit of planning and research, it doesn’t need to be. The most convenient way, of course, is to drive your car, or hire a car for the day. Other than that, BMTC runs a special Volvo bus service from/to Wonderla. The buses start from ITLP/Majestic/Koramangala/HSR early morning, so that they reach Wonderla just before the starting time of 11AM.

5. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a verdant oasis spanning 300 acres, offering residents of Bengaluru a sanctuary from the busy urban environment situated right in the heart of the city. The park is host to the State Library, which is situated in the impressive red Gothic-style Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall. The park is adorned with a range of fountains, statues, flowering trees, and abundant greenery.

Things To Do:

Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall: Cubbon Park has a central library housed in Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall. Central Library is open daily from 8.30 AM till 7.30 PM, except on Mondays, public holidays and second Tuesdays of the month. A well maintained garden with colourful flowers is available right in front of the memorial hall.

Children’s play area and Toy Train: Toy train ride inside Jawahar Bal Bhavan is a popular attraction among kids. 

Aquarium: At Government Aquarium, visitors can see aquatic creatures on display in over 3 floors. Open from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days except Mondays and alternate Tuesdays.

Entry fee: Entry to Cubbon park is free.

Places to visit near Cubbon Park:

Vidhana Soudha, High Court of Karnataka, Freedom park, Kanteerava Indoor Stadium and Vishveshwaraya Industrial and Technological museum are within a few kms of from the park.

How to reach:

Cubbon Park can be reached using the Bengaluru Metro(BMRCL), bus or taxi from any part of Bengaluru city. The Park is 3 kms from Majestic bus stand, 35 kms from Bengaluru airport. Traffic restrictions may apply from time to time.

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