Tourist Attractions In Goa

Goa’s best tourist spots provide a varied and enjoyable vacation adventure. You can unwind and have fun at the beaches, explore waterfalls, lakes, and spice plantations, and observe the diverse flora and fauna in wildlife sanctuaries.

About Top Tourist Attractions in Goa

There are numerous must-see tourist spots in Goa that provide great opportunities for sightseeing, exploration, and adventure activities. The primary draws of Goa tourism include its beaches, which are perfect for relaxation, parties, and leisurely activities. Other popular destinations on Goa tours include its churches, temples, and museums, which offer a glimpse into its diverse heritage and culture. In addition, the region boasts of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries where you can appreciate its stunning natural beauty and diverse flora and fauna.


Goa’s beaches can be found throughout North and South Goa. The northern beaches are well-known for their exciting nightlife, water sports, and delectable seafood, while the southern beaches are ideal for a peaceful and restful getaway. Among the popular beaches in North Goa are Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and Anjuna. Some of the well-known beaches in South Goa are Betalbatim, Cola, Arrossim, Palolem, Agonda, and Benaulim.

Lakes & Waterfalls

Goa is home to many lakes and waterfalls that are perfect for trekking enthusiasts. Among the renowned waterfalls in Goa are Arvalem Falls, Dudhsagar Falls, Netravali Falls, and Kesarval Falls, while popular lakes include Mayem Lake and Carambolim Lake.

Spice Plantations

It is not commonly known to tourists that Goa has numerous spice plantations that offer an unparalleled experience through Spice Plantation Tours. These tours enable visitors to learn about spice plants and how they are cultivated, experience exceptional hospitality, witness an eco-friendly lifestyle, and even take home natural spices, containers, and other items produced at the spice plantations. Some of the spice plantations worth exploring in Goa include Savoi Plantations, Pascoal Spice Village, and Sahakari Spice Farm.


No trip to Goa would be complete without visiting its stunning churches, which are an integral part of its rich cultural and heritage legacy, with some dating back to ancient times. Among the notable ones is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the remains of St. Francis Xavier. Other famous churches in Goa include Se Cathedral, The Church of St. Augustine, Church of Mae de Deus, and Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount.


Several temples in Goa have a medieval history and are not only places of worship but also rich in cultural heritage. When visiting Goa, it is worth exploring temples such as Shantadurga Devi Mandir, Brahma Mandir, Bhagvati Devi Mandir, Mahadev Mandir, and Lairai Devi Mandir.


While museums may not be as popular as beaches in Goa, it is still worthwhile to include them in your list of must-visit places. Among the notable museums in Goa is the Naval Aviation Museum, which is one of only two military museums in India and the only Naval aviation museum in all of Asia. Other museums worth exploring include the Archaeological Museum of Goa, Museum of Christian Art, and Museum of Goa.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Many people are unaware that Goa is home to a diverse range of wildlife. However, you can explore its rich flora and fauna in various wildlife sanctuaries, including Bondla, Cotigao, Molem, Mhadei, Netravali, and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuaries. For bird enthusiasts, a trip to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is highly recommended.

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