Best jungle lodges in Karnataka

Karnataka is surrounded by the Western Ghats and has cities that offer some of the best hill stations in the vicinity. Imagine you are off for a vacation or a holiday and looking for jungle safaris, dense forest walks, trekking, camping and of course, for this you need lodges and resorts to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. Enjoy the bird’s song and the murmur of a river, amidst lush green landscapes in these below-mentioned jungle lodges:

  •    Bannerghatta Nature Camp, Jungle Lodges
  •    Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited
  •    BlackBuck Resort (JUNGLE LODGES & RESORT)
  •    The River Tern Lodge – Lakkavalli
  •    Dandeli Kingfisher Jungle Stay
  •    Bandipur Safari Lodge, Bandipur
  •    Wildernest Jungle Camp
  •    K Gudi Wilderness Camp
  •    Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Sakrebyle
  •    Jungle Inn

1. Bannerghatta Nature Camp, Jungle Lodges

The city of Bangalore is surrounded by pristine natural beauty that has remained untouched for thousands of years. One particular location that stands out is Bannerghatta National Park, which is situated only 25 kilometers from the city. Spread across 25,000 acres of lush greenery, the park is an ideal weekend getaway destination. Once you enter the park, you will find yourself completely cut off from the bustle of the city, which is a welcome change if you are seeking peace and tranquility amidst the wilderness.

Bannerghatta National Park provides numerous opportunities for exploration and allows visitors to experience the true essence of Bangalore’s weather, which it was once famous for. This place has something for everyone, from toddlers to spiritually inclined grandparents. At Bannerghatta Natural Camp, you can enjoy the most modern amenities in the heart of untouched nature – a rare combination that is difficult to find elsewhere in the city.

Part of Bannerghatta National Park has been transformed into a natural sanctuary for wild animals that have been discovered in tragic situations in wildlife reserves in Karnataka and beyond. The sanctuary is barricaded by high fences and provides ample space for the wild animals, making it an ideal location for a wildlife safari. The Karnataka Forest Department maintains the animals, and the safari gives you the feeling of encountering these typically dangerous animals in the wild, which can be a breathtaking experience.

For those who desire unrestricted exploration, you can venture into the Bannerghatta forest under expert supervision. You can witness herds of elephants going about their business, completely ignoring your presence, which can be a unique experience. You may also come across animals such as spotted deer, bonnet macaques, barking deer, wild boars, jackals, and many more. Moreover, Bannerghatta is home to over 200 species of exotic birds, making it a natural paradise for photography enthusiasts. Every step of your short vacation in this area is guaranteed to offer something unique.


Bannerghatta Nature Camp offers unlimited luxury amidst nature, with a choice of tented cottages, twin-bedded Swiss tents, and stilted log huts constructed from locally sourced wood for those who wish to be closer to nature. These accommodations come equipped with attached baths and every amenity you could possibly desire. For those on a budget, there is also a well-maintained dormitory available.

Your room will have all the necessary facilities to make your stay comfortable, including air conditioning and a mini bar. Additional facilities such as childcare, a swimming pool, barbeque, spa, and more are also available to ensure a relaxing stay. You can even bring your pets along. With all these luxuries, Bannerghatta Nature Camp covers every corner for a stress-free getaway.

If you are combining business with pleasure, there is a fully equipped conference hall with audio-visual equipment and a multimedia projector. There is also a large dining area for your guests, known as Gol Ghar.

Activities At A Glance:

  • Grand Safari
  • Nature Walks/Treks
  • Zoo Visit
  • Wildlife Movie
  • Star Gazing
  • Campfire

2. Jungle Lodges and Resorts Limited

Jungle Lodges and Resorts Located in the southern half of the Indian subcontinent, Karnataka is a state that boasts of numerous sights of natural beauty along with an impressive amount of flora and fauna. Charming grasslands, dense forests, and glistening rivers are a common sight in the state. Due to the presence of an ocean in the vicinity, Karnataka enjoys maritime weather, with summer and mild winters. October through the month of April is the best time to visit if you want to witness exquisite flora and fauna.

If you want to explore the magnificent forests of Karnataka, nothing is better than staying at a jungle resort or camp. Top-notch experience along with never-ending thrill is some of the firm promises made by the jungle lodges and resorts that follow:

1. Anejhari Butterfly Camp

Anejhari Butterfly Camp is located at a distance of 80 km from Udupi, near Kollur. The camp allows visitors to discover the mysteries of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. This camp is best suited for adventurers who love trekking; you can enjoy a trek to Kodachadri peak. The tranquil environment that surrounds that camp enriches you physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Two beautiful beaches like Byndoor and Maravanthe are located about 35 km from the camp.

2. Sakrebyle Elephant Camp

If you have a deep admiration for majestic creatures, the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, located a few kilometers away from Shimoga, is an excellent destination. The Karnataka Forest Department maintains and takes care of the camp, ensuring that the elephants receive the attention they deserve. The camp provides various treatments and training to the elephants. Additionally, the nearby River Tunga, with its crystal clear water, is another attraction of the area.

3. Sharavathi Adventure Camp

The Sharavathi Adventure Camp, situated just 6 km away from Jog Falls, is a unique location that combines the tranquility of forests with the excitement of mountains. This camp offers an opportunity to witness the delightful interaction between the shimmering sunlight and calm water. The gentle breeze that blows through the area carries the fragrance of trees and shrubs, invigorating every part of the body. It is an excellent place to escape from worries and unwind.

4. Bhimgad Adventure Camp

The camp is at a mere distance of 10 km from Belgaum. The famous and popular Belgaum Golf Course is located a few minutes away from the camp. This is a place for calmness and the atmosphere promises to rejuvenate the senses of every visitor. Placed in the heart of Khanapur, it enjoys the hilly climate of the Western Ghats. As the place is just 2 hours away from entertainment hubs like Goa and Hubli, this provides a great opportunity for tourists to explore new territories.

5. Devbagh Beach Resort

Devbagh Beach Resort in Karwar provides a distinct beach experience for its guests with its shimmering water, golden sand, and beautiful blue skies. There are plenty of thrilling activities to enjoy, such as snorkeling, speed boat rides, parasailing, and banana-boat rides. The resort is also renowned for its delectable local cuisine made from fresh and tasty seafood. For a relaxing time, guests can even try to catch crabs.

3. BlackBuck Resort (JUNGLE LODGES & RESORT)

The Blackbuck Resort is situated near the Honnikeri Reserve Forest and the Vilaspur Lake, around 18 km away from Bidar, the previous capital of Bahmani. It is an area where blackbucks, an endangered species, are free to roam. The tranquil atmosphere is interrupted by the sound of birds singing, reminding us that even in the midst of the stark beauty, there is joy.

The Honnikeri Reserve Forest may deceive you with its unbroken landscape but it’s actually a peaceful and serene expanse. Your cottage, located at the lake’s shore, provides you with the best view of the natural shows happening in the area. You can spend your mornings and evenings following the blackbuck and going on a nature walk to spot birds, particularly the peacock. During the day, you can explore the city of Bidar, which holds the remnants of the Bahmani Dynasty and represents a significant chapter in history with its mix of Persian, Turkish, and Hindu architectural styles. This city is a treasure trove of heritage and sits like a beautiful brooch on the Deccan Plateau. At night, after a delicious meal, you can gaze upon the stars and enjoy the wind’s lullaby before retiring to your bed.


Between October and February is ideally the best time to visit. The weather is mild and the surroundings are painted in shades of green. The summer months from March to mid June are dry and sultry during the day and cool and pleasant at night. During July, August and September, the monsoons offer a different experience of the place altogether.

4. The River Tern Lodge – Lakkavalli

The River Tern Lodge is a serene and peaceful place situated near the foothills of the magnificent Western Ghats. It derives its name from the nearby island that attracts numerous river terns during their mating season. The lodge is perched on a hill on the edge of the Bhadra reservoir, near Lakkavali and is in close proximity to the northern boundary of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve in the Chikmaglur district. Chikmaglur is steeped in history and was once a princess’ dowry. The lodge offers an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and is a perfect place to experience the magic of wildlife through jeep safaris to nearby parks.

5. Dandeli Kingfisher Jungle Stay

Kingfisher Jungle Stay in Dandeli, located in the KALI tiger reserve wildlife buffer zone area, is the perfect jungle retreat for families, school groups, and team outings, offering a variety of overnight packages. The property features a lake and swimming pool, providing guests with an excellent opportunity to enjoy water activities. There are two swimming pools available for both children and adults. Kingfisher Jungle Stay is the preferred choice for those who love nature, adventure, and eco-tourism, and advance bookings are required. The property has ample parking space, and buses can conveniently reach it directly. Kingfisher Jungle Stay is located near all sightseeing places and the adventure Kali River water sports/rafting, which saves time for guests.

6. Bandipur Safari Lodge, Bandipur

The Bandipur used to be exclusively used for hunting by the maharaja, but now it is an untamed landscape that is unapologetic about its wild nature. You can see large herds of elephants, deer that stare directly at you without fear, and peafowl that fly in and out at their leisure. Situated at the foothills of the Nilgiris, Bandipur has a lengthy history of coexisting with tigers. It is one of the thirty reserves designated across the country to safeguard the tiger and its habitat, as well as one of the few remaining sanctuaries for the vulnerable Asiatic wild elephant. By staying at the Bandipur Safari Lodge, you can immerse yourself in this ecological haven.


Maintaining ecological balance is a responsibility we all share. Visiting the wilderness is a humbling experience that can make us more mindful of how much we take for granted. It’s common for wildlife encounters to stimulate the deepest corners of our minds, making us more environmentally conscious.

Observing the grandeur of elephants and their keen awareness of their power, the vastness of the forest with its age-old secrets, the confident gaur that challenges you to a staring contest, and if you’re fortunate, catching a glimpse of a tiger or leopard whose feline features display arrogance, are all powerful lessons in respecting nature. We take our guests on a jungle excursion every evening with a trained naturalist to guide them.

Bird enthusiasts won’t be lonely as there are over 200 species of birds, including peafowl, hornbills, woodpeckers, Crested Hawk Eagles, wagtails, blue jays, and partridges. You can spend hours searching for and admiring these colorful winged creatures.

The grounds of the lodge are rich with herbs, medicinal plants, and ornamental flora, which can inspire your inner naturalist. Our knowledgeable naturalists are available to answer any questions you might have. End the day on a tranquil note, listening to the cicadas take over from the birds as you enjoy a campfire barbecue dinner.


Though Bandipur is around-the-year tourist destination, summers are the best time for wildlife sightings. March to May being the dry season, the animals come out of hiding and can be spotted by the watering holes. But for bird-watchers, the winter months are a better bet, for November to January, many migratory birds from the North, especially the Himalayas come down south to roost.

7. Wildernest Jungle Camp

Wilderness Jungle Camp is a campsite situated in the shrub jungles of Shivanasamudra, is a tented camp which offers a unique experience of peace, quiet and solitude. It is nestled in the shrub jungles among rambling hills checkered with farmlands of coconut and other seasonal crops. This very rugged terrain makes it a true paradise for an adventurous trekker. There are canals interlinked with tanks that attract a large number of interesting water birds.


Camping is the primary activity and alongside campers can;

Explore the outdoors
Use our in-house games (board games and outdoor games like badminton, darts etc.) facilities
Have an educational tour of the property and explore the various trees
Bird Watching
Swim in the stream
Joy fishing
Take a walk to the dam
Drive to the nearest sightseeing points in your own vehicle – Gaganachukki, Barachukki and Talakadu

8. K Gudi Wilderness Camp

The Biligiri Ranganna Hills (B R Hills) is elusive as much as it is beautiful. A hill range that’s stood sentinel since time immemorial, being where the Western Ghats meets the Eastern Ghats, it gets its name from the temple that stands tall on a high precipice. An enigma of a destination, B.R. Hills is the place for those with a deep love for the wild. Surrender your jarred nerves and car-horn accustomed ears for bird song and the whispering of the trees. It happens at the Kyathdevaraya Gudi Wilderness Camp.


The Kyathadevara Gudi Wilderness Camp opens up an opportunity for you to get up close and personal with nature. Like the name suggests, it’s everything you can expect out of a camp. It spells adventure and speaks the code of the jungle: respect everything around you. The B.R.T. Wildlife Sanctuary lives up to its name and spotting wildlife is the star attraction in these parts. This is elephant, gaur, tiger, and leopard terrain.

The forests are teeming with over 250 species of birds, including the velvet-fronted nuthatch, gold-fronted chloropsis, blossom-headed parakeet and the malabar whistling thrush – so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get enough of this place. Jeep rides into the forests with naturalists to point out anything you’ve missed is part of the programme. We go out twice into the jungle in the jeep – once at dawn and once just before dusk falls. B.R. Hills is also a destination that can be explored on foot.

Evenings are relaxed: you can opt for a campfire (not available in summers and rains) or watch a wildlife movie in the audio-visual room, and unwind. Dinners are served at the Gol Ghar in typical JLR-style: a group buffet affair. If you plan on staying a little longer with us, a trip to B.R. Hill’s can be arranged for. A visit to the mystical Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple which teeters on the edge of a cliff is a must. Sloth bears, wild dogs, barking deer, spotted deer, wild boars, Malabar giant squirrels and an entire host of wild animals, perhaps, might persuade you to stay a while.

As camp is situated in the vicinity of the tiger reserve, liquor is strictly prohibited in the campus.


Anytime is a good time to visit the Kyathdevaraya Gudi WIlderness Camp. Situated at an altitude of 1800 ft. to 6000 ft., the sanctuary benefits from a pleasant climate across the year. Wildlife sightings are excellent, regardless of the season and therefore the Camp is open through the year.

9. Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Sakrebyle

The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a forested area in Karnataka, designed for captive elephants. It is regarded as the finest elephant training camp in the state and is positioned approximately 14 km away from Shimoga, on the Shimoga-Thirthahalli Road. The Karnataka Forest Department is responsible for maintaining the camp.

Tourists and wildlife enthusiasts are drawn to the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, as it provides an opportunity for people to closely observe these majestic animals. It is among the ecotourism sites in Karnataka that provide an avenue for the general public to interact with the massive tuskers.


Training of elephants at the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga
The camp houses elephants from all over Karnataka that need proper attention and training. The elephants may require training or attention due to a number of reasons like illness, behavioural issues, deficiency in nutrition, etc. Elephants that are uncontrollable are also brought in for training at this camp.

The camp has experienced mahouts who train and take care of the huge animals. Generally elephants of all ages are trained in the camp.
Main attraction of the Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shimoga
The camp is situated in the vicinity of River Tunga. The main attraction of the camp is the interaction session allowed between the visitors and the elephants. Such a session can last for up to 2 to 3 hours.

Visitors have to reach the camp early in the morning to be able to watch the elephants being bathed in the water of the Tunga River by the mahouts. They can also watch the big animals enjoying their drink and then proceeding towards their feeding area. The place holds special attraction for kids as they get to see the large creatures enjoying by themselves in the water. Elephant ride is also provided and is subject to availability. Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a must visit travel destination.

10. Jungle Inn

Jungle Inn is situated on the outskirts of Nagarahole National Park, also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, and is just a short distance from the main entrance. The resort has been constructed with great care, using bricks to build it from the ground up. It is surrounded by large shade trees, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, bamboo groves, whistling pines, and flowering plants, which create a rustic ambiance throughout the resort. The guest rooms are thoughtfully designed and scattered throughout the property to provide guests with privacy. The rooms are well-furnished and come with en suite bathrooms for added convenience.

Experiences At Jungle Inn

Being so close to the forest, our resort makes for an ideal base to enjoy both the quietude and the thrill of the forest while engaging in some light sports inside the resort.

The resort’s enviable location makes it convenient to take the safaris conducted by the Forest Department and enjoy the National Park’s flora and fauna as well as explore Coorg distict.    

The resort can guide you on white water rafting, trekking and visits to the nearby holiday spots in Coorg and Kerala. Inside the resort, walk in the serene ambience, ride bicycles, engage in bird watching or play some fun team sports like throw ball and volleyball. Reserve your evenings to watch a documentary film on wildlife and to enjoy the warmth of a campfire.

All meals are vegetarian buffet meals at ‘Gudara’, the dining hall. We serve traditional Indian food made from fresh raw materials sourced locally. On occasion, the set menus share buffet space with Chinese or Continental dishes.

To keep your young kids engaged we have a children’s play area; it is in close proximity to the ‘Gudara’.

Nagarahole National Park

Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Nagarahole is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and one of the best wildlife getaways in Karnataka and India. The Park is a protected Tiger Reserve and its teeming wildlife and birdlife draws scores of visitors from all over the country. 

Wildlife abounds in the national park and consists of Asiatic Elephants, Indian Gaur – the largest wild oxen in the world, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Sloth Bears, Marsh Crocodiles, Otters, Dholes (Indian wild dogs), Leopards and Tigers. Malabar Squirrels, Flying Lizard, Langurs, Slender Loris are other noteworthy denizens of this forest.

The Birdlife in Nagarahole is just as impressive and the park draws avid bird watchers. Teeming with nearly 300 species of birds Nagarahole forest and the adjoining Kabini River are home to the elusive Malabar Trogon, the Great Black Woodpecker, the Malabar Pied Hornbill, the Fishing Eagle, Spotter Dove, Indian Roller, Grey Shrike, Black-headed Myna, Indian Tree Pie, Scarlet Minivet, Jungle Babbler, and Crested Serpent Eagle.

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