Best places to camp stays in Karnataka

When we were children, we enjoyed visiting the jungle, zoo or farm where we could play games, relax in the campsite with family and friends, without any particular agenda. This experience is thrilling and now, in Karnataka, there are several camp stays amidst picturesque green surroundings that cater to tourists looking for camping, jungle adventures, trekking and more.

  • Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp
  • Sharavathi Adventure Camp
  • Anshi Nature Camp
  • Civet Creek Camp
  • Bannerghatta Nature Camp, Jungle Lodges
  • Prashanti Resort

1. Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp

The River Cauvery is far from being gentle as it passes through gorges, waterfalls, rapids, dense forests and more. The Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp celebrates this magnificent river, offering an incredible combination of nature and thrilling adventure. This campsite is conveniently located for easy access yet remote enough to disconnect from the routine monotony.


Whether it’s action-packed adventure or just a chance to get closer to nature, Bheemeshwari Nature and Adventure Camp is just the place for it. A range of adventurous activities from zip line, rope walking, kayaking, etc. are worth trying. Wildlife that can be spotted in these parts includes elephants, deer, crocodiles, turtles, snakes and about two hundred bird species. But the chief crowd puller is the Mahseer – the largest tropical gamefish known to man. Though you can’t try catch one here anymore, this elusive monster still exercises a lot of clout in these parts.


The best time to visit is just after the monsoons, between August and February, when the river is alive and the forest is thick and verdant. This is the best time for birdwatching as well – river terns, fishing eagles, wood peckers, kingfishers and other water birds flock here. During the other months, the water recedes and reveals wide sand banks, which are great for idling away the evening. The summer months (March – June) can be very warm, especially in the afternoon.

2. Sharavathi Adventure Camp

The Sahyadris in Karnataka are a magnificent natural wonder, featuring lush valleys, rushing rivers, abundant grasslands and a vast forested area with unique flora and fauna that are exclusive to the region. During the monsoon season, the Sahyadris are at their best, bursting with new life and greenery. The Jog Falls, one of India’s tallest waterfalls, is located in the Sahyadris where the Sharavathi River drops from a height of 830 feet, forming four distinct cascades – Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer.

The Sharavathi Adventure Camp, situated just 6 km from the Jog Falls, is a fantastic destination that blends the magnificence of the mountains with an adventurous spirit. Nestled on a hill overlooking the Talakalale Reservoir, the resort is the perfect place to enjoy the interplay of sunshine and rain, no matter the season.

The Sharavthi Nature Camp is an excellent place to experience the unique charm of the monsoons. Once the rain clouds have passed, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like nature walks to admire the beautiful surroundings and observe the birds. The camp also offers fun aquatic activities like coracle rides, kayaking, and fishing in the blue waters of the reservoir. In the morning, guests can enjoy the misty ambiance while sipping a hot cup of coffee by the water’s edge and witnessing the breathtaking sunrise. For those looking for adventure, a drive through the Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary’s lush forest is a must-do. At the Sharavathi Adventure Camp, nature’s beauty and serenity await you.


The resort and the surrounding islands attract a wide variety of winged visitors. Common birds sighted are Kingfishers, Indian peafowl, Hoopoes, Hornbills, Pond herons, Grey headed bulbuls and Cormorants. Several varieties of butterflies can be found in the vicinity of the resort. Mammals like the Black-naped hare, Common langurs and Malabar giant squirrels can also be found here.


The south-western monsoon starts in June and lasts until November. During the monsoons, the Western Ghats are drenched in rain that rekindles new life and freshness. This is the best time to visit the Jog Falls. October through March is ideal for water based activities. The summer lasts from March to May.

3. Anshi Nature Camp

Anshi Evergreen Camp is a haven for those who cherish nature and seek solace amidst the evergreen forests of Western Ghats. The accommodations provided by the camp are neat and basic, comprising 4 log huts, 6 deluxe tents, and a dormitory with a capacity of 15 beds. Nearby tourist attractions include the Ulavi Temple, the trek to Kadra view point, and the opportunity to experience white water rafting at Kali River. The camp also boasts an interpretation center and conference hall that can be utilized for meetings and gatherings.


1TentRs. 1200.00Extra bed 200.00
2Log HouseRs. 1500.00Extra bed 200.00
3DormitoryRs. 3000.00Dormitory of 15 beds capacity

4. Civet Creek Camp

Camping at “Civet Creek Camp” is a fascinating experience that offers a diverse range of landscapes. The campsite is surrounded by winding roads, vast expanses of coffee and cardamom plantations, misty hills, serene paddy fields, and meandering river streams. The air is filled with the soothing chirping of countless birds, creating a melodic rhythm. The scenic beauty is such that one can pick and choose the perfect vignettes to capture and begin their journey right from the campsite.

Explore the jungle at night with a guide and end the day with a bonfire and stargazing through the in-house telescope. Satisfy your appetite with delicious Coorg cuisine served at the camp. Relax in the midst of lush hills and forests for a tropical escape. Some experiences are better left to be discovered by oneself, as it adds to the everlasting joy.


The Various activities provided at the Camping site are

  • Accommodation will be provided in high quality insect proof dome tents.
  • Modern bathrooms and toilets with 24hrs hot water facility.
  • Pickup and drop to Madikeri and sight seeing can be arranged  (at an extra charge)
  • Activities like TT Table, Trampoline, Rifle-shooting area, Volleyball

On request, Barbeque also can be arranged.

Duration – 2 days and 1 night
Day 1    

  • Drive overnight from Bangalore (270 Kms) and reach the base camp early morning After breakfast
  • Take a guided estate tour or
  • Go on a nature trek to the surrounding hills
  • Return for a late afternoon lunch and rest
  • Spend the evening walking and cycling though the estate and forests around. Games like volleyball,cricket, can be arranged.
  • After sunset, bonfire and barbeque will be arranged followed by dinner
  • Those interested can go on post dinner jungle walks.

Day 2    
Option 1:

  • Have an early breakfast and visit Talacauvery (30 Kms)
  • Return for lunch and check-out post lunch. Leave for Bangalore

    Option 2:

  • Check-out post breakfast
  • Visit Madikeri(18 Kms) or Dubare elephant training camp (40 kms) and leave for Bangalore. Packed lunch can be arranged.


The various activities conducted at the Camping site includes

  • Trekking
  • Nature Walk
  • Bonfire and Barbeque
  • Bird Watching
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

Travel Tips

  • Pack in some light woolens too, just in case there is a nip in the air.
  • Carry a pair of comfortable shoes, as you’ll have plenty of walking to do.
  • You will be outdoors most of the time. Remember to take your umbrella, sunscreens and caps along.
  • Basic first aid will be available at the camp. But carry your prescription medicine as the nearest pharmacy is 18 Kms away.
  • Do not forget to carry your camera and binoculars.

5. Prashanti Resort

The Kali Adventure Camp at Dandeli offers an unparalleled experience of the uncontrolled wilderness – gorges, valleys, forests and turbulent white water. The camp is a spacious bungalow situated along the banks of the mighty Kali River, providing an opportunity to connect with nature. The camp is an ideal place to explore and experience the thrill of the wild. It’s a place where you can discover the exhilarating feeling of being alive.


The JLR Kali Adventure Camp is a nature and adventure lover’s paradise. It is the ideal destination for those seeking white-water rafting, and the camp is specifically designed for this purpose with strict safety standards in place. The river guides are highly experienced and well-equipped, making the camp an excellent choice for rafting enthusiasts. Other activities such as kayaking, bird watching, nature walks, wild safaris, and sightseeing are also available. The Kali River is a powerful force that dominates the surrounding hills and forests. On one side, visitors can enjoy a leisurely coracle ride while dodging crocodiles and observing birds. On the other side, they can face the challenge of battling swift currents in rubber dinghies, holding their breath with oars in hand. The Kali Tiger Reserve, which is home to the elusive black panther, can be explored with jeep safaris. Spotted deer, gaur, sloth bear, barking deer, hornbills, yellow-footed pigeons, peafowl, and crested serpent eagles are frequently spotted, and quieter guests might see even more. The camp also boasts a well-stocked bar, where guests can enjoy a relaxing evening with their preferred beverage. The Gol Ghar serves primarily Indian cuisine for dinner, but Chinese or Continental dishes can be provided upon request.

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