Thoughtful details guests love

Bring in a little wow factor by leveling up your amenities.

Want to create a memorable experience for your guests? It’s not necessarily about having a super luxurious space or the most high-end amenities. Instead, consider small gestures that can have a big impact, such as offering your favourite local coffee or a handwritten welcome note. Here, Hosts share some simple, budget-friendly ideas for giving guests an unforgettable stay.

The sweetest way to greet

Guests often arrive tired and a little disoriented. Make them feel welcome the moment they walk through the door.

  • Put together a welcome basket. “I have a welcome basket with instant oatmeal, PowerBars, nuts, cookies, and microwave popcorn to hold them over in case they had a long flight and are not up to shopping immediately.” – Carrie, New York City
  • Write a personalised note. “One of the things guests like is a card with a personalised message. I use a card made by young designers whose theme is my city, São Paulo.” – Priscilla and Gabriel, São Paulo
  • Provide a spot for their suitcase. “I have a luggage stand at the foot of each bed. I like that they’re easy to put away if someone wants extra space, or when I’m cleaning.” – Allison, Traverse City, Michigan

Level up your bed and bath

Once you’ve stocked up on the essential amenities, use them as a springboard for more noteworthy hospitality.

  • Keep extras on hand. “I make sure there is a generous amount of towels, extra bedding, soaps and shampoos.” – Susan, Covington, Georgia
  • Provide nice-to-have toiletries. “I give the guests professional makeup wipes.” – Beverlee and Suzie, Oakland, California (Bonus: They’ll also help you avoid hard-to-remove stains on your sheets and towels!)
  • Take your bathroom up a notch. “I fold the bottom of the toilet paper. It’s a small thing, but it feels fresh and shows you care.” – Emma-Kate, San Francisco
  • Add a touch of luxe. “I provide comfy white terry cloth robes. The guests use them when they use the spa or just to relax in.” – Linda, La Quinta, California

I have a welcome basket with instant oatmeal, PowerBars, nuts, cookies, and microwave popcorn.— Carrie, New York City

All about that local flavour

Part of the thrill of travel is discovering the distinctive flavours, scents, sights, and textures of a destination. Share some of your favourites with guests.

  • Make breakfast memorable. “I provide a small, regional gift for breakfast, depending on the season – special and rare fir-tree honey from mountain farmers, locally made cheese, or fresh juice and fruit from farmers a few villages away.” – Claudia, Black Forest, Germany
  • Think holistically. “I am in Portland, so I want guests to have that Portland vibe in all aspects of the guest experience. I provide local craft brews, flowers from my garden, lots of books on the city, local organic snack bars, and the Oregonian newspaper arrives each day. I buy local magazines as well. Good Portland coffee is crucial, and half-and-half as well.” – Lisa, Portland, Oregon
  • Tailor the experience. “If my guests are celebrating a birthday weekend, I’ll leave locally made cupcakes.” – Tiffany, Hollywood Beach, California
  • Give them a small memento. “I put out a postcard from a cool local venue or landmark that the guest can keep or send home.” – Debi, Thousand Oaks, California

Sometimes, practical is best

Practical amenities can make the difference between a great trip and an unexpectedly frustrating one. You can save the day with sunscreen, first-aid kits, computer adapters, and more.

  • Help them get outside. “Beach kit: chairs, umbrella, sarong, paddle ball, ice chest, cards, children’s toys, and football. Mosquito kit: repellent and citronella candles.” – Danielle, Rio de Janeiro
  • Keep the local climate in mind. “We bought 10 disposable emergency raincoats, made of ultra-thin and light plastic. It happens that guests arrive with the best weather, and get into a heavy rain before they leave.” – Till and Jutta, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Stock a hair dryer and iron. “A hair dryer and iron are inexpensive and having them in your property illustrates that you have thought of the little things that just may save the day for a guest.” – Richard, Lenox, Massachusetts
  • Add some family-friendly amenities. “A very basic thing that’s a hit: the old wagon with cushions for pulling toddlers around in.” – Chantal, Dinan, France

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